Tips To Deal With Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment is the process of attracting, identifying, and interviewing, selecting, hiring employees. The number of members in a team of recruiters depends on the size of the company; smaller companies have single recruiter whereas larger companies have a team of them. The recruiting team decides the right employee on the basis of their capabilities and hence they define the company as a whole.

While understanding what to look for when dealing with recruitment agencies we must know the types of recruiting first.


  1. Internal Recruiting: The existing employees are offered to fill up the vacancies.
  2. Retained Recruiting: A recruiting firm is hired to appoint employees. To fill a vacancy, an organization retains a recruiting firm; they pay an upfront fee to fill the position. Companies cannot hire multiple firms to fill the same position.
  3. Contingency Recruiting: Here too a recruiting firm is involved but no upfront fee is paid, the firm is reimbursed only if the selected person is hired by the company.
  4. Staffing Recruiting: This works for staffing agencies. These recruiters match the job opening demands with qualified applicants. They mostly focus on short-term employment positions.

Outplacement and reverse recruiting are two other types of recruitment seldom used.


  1. Knows your company and your business needs: An agency that is well-aware of your company and knows your business requirements will select the right person who is eligible for a particular position.
  2. Agencies that listen: An agency that listens to your worries and wants, don’t pressurize you on taking rash and immediate decisions and set up a timetable to get adequate feedback is the kind of agency you should be looking for.
  3. Try to get better and you can rely solely on them: The agencies that formulate new and better policies and are in a constant effort of improvement are the ones you can solely rely on.

Other few qualities include, they are a subject matter expert in their field, they’ll follow the promised process, they are ethical and persistent.


Recruiting is a simple concept, however, effective recruitment is an art combined with science. The employees of a company define its strength and even the company as a whole. Hence, finding the ideal candidate requires sophistication and thinking out of the box. This is where the Bureau de recrutement hunt stands apart to serve the needs of the companies as well as job seekers.

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