Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Lab Oven

Laboratory ovens are one of the most widely used equipment in industrial applications, used for various researches and industrial purposes. These ovens have many features and are very useful. It is most commonly used to maintain and control heightened temperatures at specific ranges. The oven which is used for analytic requirements can work at a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius. A good laboratory oven can last for many years after heavy use of the equipment daily. Hence, if you want to buy the right laboratory oven, these are some of the things to consider before buying:

  • Temperature range- Whenever anyone buys a laboratory oven, the maximum temperature is the basic and primary consideration. It is obvious to say that you need an oven with maximum temperature or the highest temperature for your testing. However, these ovens may not deliver optimum stability and required performance at lower temperatures. These ovens can also be costlier and expensive to operate. Hence, look for ovens that also list a minimum temperature range. This way you know both the maximum and minimum temperature range of the oven.
  • Selecting the chamber- Chamber volume and dimensions are also important factors to consider while buying a lab oven. You have to make sure that the chamber accommodates the size and shape of your samples, and also consider the number of samples you need to load at a given time. If a chamber is too small, your workflow is affected, if the chamber is too large, the lab space is wasted. Hence, make sure you select the right oven with the perfect chamber size you need.
  • Energy requirements and consumption- It is very important that you know the energy capacity and configuration of your electrical supply in your laboratory and also consider the power requirements of the oven. It is safer to opt for any electrical upgrades or modifications before installing your oven. 
  • Materials- These days many ovens feature stainless steel interiors and shelf construction to resist corrosion and deterioration. Well, if your materials are not corrosive then you can consider buying an oven model with the interior of stainless steel. There are also ovens with double-wall construction that offer good insulation between the chamber and outer cabinet and operate more economically, uniformly, and have a cooler exterior surface for better safety.

There are many companies such as LeDab Canada, where you can purchase the right lab oven, according to your requirements.

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