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It’s a no-brainer that packaging plays a big and dominant role in selling the product. Even the best products must be placed in the right box, and it is important to ensure that bundles of individual products are packed in quality cartons. Beyond marketing, packaging has one big role to play – to protect the product. Finding a reliable packaging partner is critical for your business. From a company that has BRC certified printers and can handle bulk orders, to one that specializes in customized boxes and packaging, there are various factors to consider. In this post, we are discussing more on the things you must discuss while hiring or engaging a manufacturing for your packaging needs. 

Figure out industry specialization

Designing boxes for cannabis products would be different than that of food & beverage packaging. In other words, industry specific expertise is extremely important for your company. A manufacturer, who has a clear understanding of your business needs, should always be a preferred partner. It is also absolutely important to discuss the specific requirements of the product. Is the product fragile? Are there standard regulations that your business must adhere to? What about compliance needs? A packaging company that has a clear knowledge of your sector can be immensely useful. 

Talk of price and packaging optimization

When it comes to pricing, don’t be tempted to select a company simply because they are the cheapest. Packaging is also about quality and is reflective of branding. Make sure to work with a manufacturer who can optimize on the custom product boxes, focusing on quality and design. They should specialize in prototyping, with graphics design where needed, and must be able to offer inputs on the design. A collaborative approach is not just vital, but very much crucial for eventual success of a product box. 

Get estimates and references

As a client, who is probably ordering for thousands of boxes, it is wise and necessary to think of credibility as a factor for selecting packaging companies. You can always ask for references, talk to industry insiders, and check if the manufacturer has enough clients. Of course, you need to have an estimate for the job in advance, and most companies will be eager to offer that. Ask them how long would it take to get an estimate, based on your custom needs. 

With a more transparent collaboration and ability to anticipate customer expectations, your packaging will stand out. 


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