Why Natural Light

Natural light offers more natural, warmer and closer results. Because, unless it is a professional model, your model will feel much more comfortable if you do not aim it with a flash or with any artificial light contraption. Because you do not have to carry artificial lighting devices if you want to go outdoors, because you do not always have them at hand or they are available.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to use natural light; surely you will have your own.

What happens is that not all the places or all the moments are appropriate to portray, or at least to achieve the effect you want, because, on many occasions, too harsh and direct light causes shadows that can completely ruin your portrait. Also, you can add some effects to your photos with for them to look more attracting to your viewers.

Now yes, I go into the matter, and I tell you where you will find the best natural light (and diffuse).


Without a doubt, taking refuge on a porch is a fantastic idea when it comes to achieving portraits with natural light. The light comes in abundance, but with a softness that you will not achieve in full sun when the rays strike so directly that they cause very harsh shadows. These shadows that you can sometimes intentionally search for are often a nuisance. Sheltering under the roof of a porch will solve this problem.

Near The Window

If you like the portrait you should not miss it, and it is not because I wrote it 😉 , but because of the amount of ideas, you can extract from it.


You are on the beach; it does a fair sun, you focus on your little one, or a friend and press the fire button. It does not suit you, with the light that there is and the photo does not work, why? Because of the hardness of it, I have told you in this article, hard light is very interesting for one type of photo, but not for all. You can still use you built in photo editor with the help of to add to your photos.

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