Features That Make a Custom Clearance Firm Worthy of Your Investment

Businesses involved in the import of automobiles into Canada will always vouch for the fact that it’s too complicated and hectic to handle custom clearance single-handedly – this holds true for both, Canadian citizens as well as Non Resident Importers. And, the best way to shed this burden is by hiring custom clearance companies like Clearit Canada. The reasons that make this company one of the most popular car importing firms are listed below.

  1. It’s Easy to Register With Them

Registering with them is no rocket science. It’s pretty simple:

  • They have live agents ready to resolve all your doubts as soon as you click open their website.
  • Chat with the agent who can then help you in creating a login account and password.

That’s all! Registering with them is free.

  1. They Have a Team of Licensed Custom Brokers

The Clearit car importing services are so reliable because the company takes proper precautions white hiring custom brokers. These licensed brokers are:

  • Highly experienced at handling paperwork.
  • Fully trained to handle any hiccup.
  1. They Provide Services for Non Resident Importers Too

Importing in Canada is trickier for non resident importers on a comparison with resident importers since the former are not physically present on site when the import is done.

The Clearit Canada firm is a lifeline for non resident importers who are looking forward to establishing their business in Canada because:

  • They help in the generation of AES.
  • They make sure any 1 of their agents is physically present to ensure that the car is not damaged at the time of export.
  • They get the parcel cleared at customs as soon as it hits Canada.

Besides, they can also arrange for freight services if you want your shipments to be delivered directly to the clients.

  1. They Offer Flexible Services

Importing a car in Canada requires a lot of formalities to be met. And, Clearit offers all the required services – listed below – so that the shipment is cleared at customs.

  • Generation of AES/ITN
  • Submission of documents
  • Agent on site during cross border exchange
  • Sending money to custom for clearance of import taxes
  • Proper communication with you and your supplier

The best of all the things is that Clearit:

  • Offers all the above-mentioned services as a package at just 389.99 CAD.
  • Also offers individual ITN generation service at 125 CAD.

All in all, they save your time and money

  1. They keep you informed

Since car import is a tedious process where a lot of information has to travel back and forth, it’s possible that you might miss some pieces of information. This is where the Clearit agents come to the rescue. They keep you in the loop and remind you if any document is incomplete.

To conclude, hiring a custom clearance firm is the best thing that you can do to speed up the clearance of your shipments.

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