Things To Consider Before Buying Face Shields During The Pandemic

With the ongoing global pandemic, it has become necessary for people to take proper precautions and prevention for themselves. At the beginning of the crisis, people started to buy face masks, but soon it was out of stock even in the global market. Soon the production of 3D printed face shields solved the problem. These face shields are used by doctors and frontline workers as prevention against the deadly virus. These days, it can be seen that even common people are opting for face shields as protection while stepping out. But before you buy one for yourself, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Comfortability for the user- The main job of the face shield is to provide your face with the utmost protection possible. That being said, these visors are used by people for hours long services and work. Hence, it is important that the face shield you use gives you great comfortability, without causing any pain to your forehead.
  • It should be Latex-free- The allergy caused by natural rubber latex is one of the serious concerns in medical fields. Patients, workers, or any person, who is allergic to latex can be at grave risk by wearing face shields manufactured using latex. Like Covid-19, there is no cure for latex allergies yet. Hence, to avoid any such situation which may add up to your problems, purchase face shields that are latex-free.
  • Shields with medical approval- When buying something which is going to be used as prevention, always look for certification. In case of face shields, while buying them, make sure it is approved by your country’s healthcare minister or standard medical labs. This is necessary because certification means the materials used in the making of these face shields are of high-quality and suitable for your eyes, forehead, and overall protection.
  • Covers your face properly- The whole purpose of the face shield is to protect and cover your face thoroughly. The base of the shield must extend below your chin and top should be above your eyebrows. Before buying, make sure to check the measurements of the shield.
  • Optical clarity- Good optical clarity is very important in face shields. High optical clarity has anti-fogging properties that are useful in a humid atmosphere and hence help you see clearly.  

In this regard, you can consider buying Lezar 3D face shields that are designed as per the medical standards and are completely safe. 

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