The prominent purpose of a Company Secretary 

Do you know, there is a requirement of appointing a company secretary within six months of the company’s incorporation? So once you have incorporated your business in Singapore, it’s high time to start looking for your Corporate Secretarial expert. His main duty is to provide advice to the board of directors on all the issues about the company, under the company, chapter 50.

To understand the roles of a company secretary in a business, it’s truly crucial to know their value and extraordinary skill sets.

  • Here are some unique skills that a company secretary usually has-
  • Multitasking and having a command of time management.
  • Competent with numbers
  • The English language is generally his or her strength.
  • He has strong communication skills that ensure effective communication with outsiders.
  • He probably would be the most meticulous planner in your company.
  • Most important, he will have expertise when it comes to Company Law.

Duties of a company secretary – 

  • The Company Secretary is accountable for ensuring that his organization complies with statuary practices and standard financial requirements. He is responsible for maintaining high standards of corporate governance.
  • He is the one with a thorough understanding of all the statuary compliance and hence he acts in a timely and most accurate manner when it comes to the company processes and development to prevent the company from unnecessary non-compliance penalties.
  • He is an advisor to stakeholders and all the directors. He prepares and publishes the share certificates for the directors to sign.
  • In the Company Constitution, the complete role of a Company Secretary is outlined. It includes the proper keeping tabs of the Directors, company’s statuary registers, Members meeting, and resolutions. Moreover, he is also responsible for the lodgment of notice of change in the company to ACRA or numerous government bodies.
  • Registering and filing any document as an authoritative representative on the behalf of the company. He arranges the meetings of boards of directors and even the minutes of meetings are in his hand.
  • Tasks that include transfers and transmission are looked after by a company secretary. So, broadly all the matters including formation, incorporation, and promotion of the company are seen by your company secretary itself.

However, witnessing today’s business environment, one thing is clear that the role of a company secretary in Singapore should not be limited to the administration and compliance with the local rules and regulations. Nowadays, in several countries, the company secretary often takes on the duty of an accountant, legal advisor, and business advisor to the board.

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