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After a funeral a difficult period begins, in which all kinds of things have to be arranged. During this emotional period, your mind is not on this at all.

Inheritance tax return

For example, a few weeks after your death, the tax authorities will send you the first letters and you will be invited to file an inheritance tax return. Or you will not receive an invitation to file an inheritance tax, but you may be required to do so because inheritance tax is owed. Filling out inheritance tax returns is often a time consuming and complicated matter depending on:

  • Family law
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Cohabitation contract

The tax authorities would like to take this worry off your hands and has all the knowledge to do this.


For the purpose of the inheritance tax return, it has drawn up a clear checklist. Using this checklist, you can collect the necessary data step by step for, among other things, the inheritance tax return. Thanks to our knowledge, you can be confident that the inheritance tax return will be completed correctly. You are assured that you as an heir will never pay too much inheritance tax. You can opt for track my taxes options now.

F note

If someone dies, tax matters must be arranged by the next of kin. It may also be that a tax return for income tax must be done. This is also called the F note. This depends on the situation. This tax bill is sent to the next of kin. You use this tax return to file a return for the year of death. The tax return must be received by the tax authorities no later than April 1 after the year of death.

  • Any income tax to be paid or recovered also has consequences for the Inheritance Tax return! It is therefore important to have the F-form taken care of together with the Inheritance Tax return.
  • Private individuals and entrepreneurs who have their tax return filed by a tax consultant should contact him or her. The tax consultant can apply for a postponement on behalf of another.
  • If a postponement is granted, this applies by default until September 1. People who want to delay even longer should give a good reason for this.

Default penalty

If the income tax return is received too late, the tax authorities can impose a default fine. It concerns an amount of 369 euros. The fine can amount if someone has failed to file a declaration more often. Anyone who is late will first receive a reminder. If no return is submitted by then, the Tax and Customs Administration will send a reminder with a new term within which the return must be sent.

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