Hiring a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Austin, Texas and its Importance

In Austin, Texas when it comes to getting yourself a sexual harassment lawyer, you will find an array of options. However, you should be vigilant while hiring the best fit for you, your case, and within your budget. Any kind of sexual advancement of a non-consensual nature shall be included under the hood of sexual harassment. Also, discrimination at a workplace based on gender would come under its purview.

Women at the workplace are often the soft targets for sexual assault. Jeffrey A. Goldberg, among many in Austin sexual harassment lawyers, is at your service. You can get in touch with a competent lawyer who would help you with remedies and rights that you possess being a victim. Contact us at 1-210-890-1903 (San Antonio) or 1-512-598-4147 (Austin) or make an appointment to fix a free consultation at 15303 Huebner Road, Bldg. 13 San Antonio, TX78248.

Against the common parlance, such harassment will not only happen with female employees. It is very common for a male worker to get subject to abuse. The law is framed to protect each one, regardless of gender or color, or religion.

To have a possible solution to your problem, hiring a specialized professional shall be your best bet. Consider the following points while you get yourself a lawyer:

  • Hire an attorney as soon as possible- You should not wait for harassment to escalate, before appointing a sexual assault lawyer in Austin. Appoint a lawyer whose services you can afford and who has dealt with similar cases as yours. Also, you should not try to handle the case on your own, you will need a professional.
  • Supporting evidence-Your accusations should be backed with evidence to support your claim. Most cases are based on perception but if you have proof of sexual harassment by a co-worker or employer, it will help strengthen your case.
  • Lawyer’s Experience – It is vital that you have full confidence in the ability of your lawyer to deal with the difficulties of the case. In general, sexual assault cases are hard to prove, hire a lawyer experienced in this field and also see his track record.

All in all, you won’t be able to defend your case in a court of law. You should first get a consultation with the lawyer to know if he is fit to represent you to get justice. Our firm in Austin TX provides free consultation to provide you with basic information about your case.