General features of bitcoin mixers available online today

bitcoin mixer

There are dozens of coin mixers available online today. Your task is to find the legitimate option that you can straightforwardly use to ensure the safety of your wallet. Some mixing services provide a special letter of guarantee to make sure their proposed methods are legal. This letter is signed from the central bitcoin account of the mixer service.

The reason for using bitcoin mixers

As you may already know, your digital transactions are traceable on the network. Your bitcoin wallet can be easily viewed by other people. All your transactions which you have ever made will be open. The following aspects can be tracked:

  • Who you sent your bitcoins to
  • What services you are using
  • What goods you are obtaining
  • The amount of money you have
  • Where are you are spending your bitcoins

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The procedure of coin mixing

The innovative mixing services promise to make anonymous your coin transactions. The services have prepared premixed coins for each client. All that is required for an individual is to fill the application and send the special amount of coins to the given address. The bitcoin mixer will send you back the same amount automatically. 

Some of the bitcoin mixing services will take your coins and return different ones. The networking platform collects all coins and mixes them in one account, after that they return to clients. The same amount of bitcoins is received (minus fee), but different coins from different blockchains. Some platforms use specific codes to prevent you from receiving the same bitcoin in the future to make your digital transactions safe.

3 main steps are required :

  • create an order
  • send your bitcoin
  • get clear coins

Fast and private coin mixers are privileges of each person willing to apply safe digital transactions.