Factors That Affect the Price of Shipping Vehicle to Another Location

The cost of shipping a car involves various factors. These factors are variables and cannot be determined even through an online car shipping calculator. The factors change every week, month, year, and season therefore it is always wise to get quoted over the phone and not judge through an online calculator.

The first thing that a person does is to hire the best car shipping company. A renowned company not only provides accurate cost, but they don’t have any hidden costs, unlike small companies. Moreover, their staff is well trained which makes your vehicle safe with them.

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Factors affecting Car Shipping price


The distance of the locations is going to determine the car shipping cost. Some areas are difficult to navigate and some have uneven roads. Narrow streets and hard-to-reach areas delay the delivery process, this costs additional time, which further delays other deliveries. Sometimes the driver may have to use a longer route due to road conditions.


Oversized cars are more expensive than small cars because they take up more space in the trailer. The make and model of the car play an important role in deciding the price. The weight, dimension, ground clearance of the car plays an important role in deciding the cost.

Type of trailer

The shipping quote will depend on the type of shipping transport or trailer you will be expecting. For example, open trailers are less expensive than closed trailers. However, if it is a luxury car then choosing an expensive trailer will be worth it.


The season in which your car is being moved decides the shipping charges. Often during winter roads are snowy and slippery which makes driving heavy vehicles difficult. Moreover, during festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, roads are blocked with heavy traffic which can delay the shipment. During rainy seasons, hilly roads are risky to drive.

Pick-up and Delivery Time

If you go for expedite delivery it will cost extra. Since you’re relocating you know the date a month before. So plan accordingly and book a trailer beforehand. Normally, if it is domestic shipping, then it takes 3-5 business days, so judge accordingly and book early to avoid extra expedite fees.

Benefit of Hiring Shipping Company

  • You don’t drive your car for long-distance which protects your car from wear and tear.
  • Having shipped saves your time on the road and you can spend that time relocating and setting your house.
  • When you drive your car, the expense is double because you have to fill in gas and fuel, buy proper supplies for family and snacks for kids, etc.

Work with the best auto transport company. A person gets to know about relocation from Company or family at least a month early. You have too much time to arrange things and negotiate with different companies. Get the best deal and get your vehicle shipped with peace of mind.