Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI) suggests keeping an eye out for signs of diabetes in your pets because they found 1 in 300 dogs and 1 in 200 cats are suffering from this health issue.

Generally, diabetes is a condition that develops when the body’s sugar levels in the bloodstream are out of control.

Many vets say that pet parents can neglect the small things unknowingly and some don’t know how to properly take care of a pet. Hence, a parent needs to take their pet for regular vet check ups and listen to any advice their vet gives.

Another major thing that people may not concentrate on is getting Dog Insurance or Cat Insurance. It is a clever idea to choose an affordable package that should help you get medical treatment for your pet that doesn’t ‘break the bank’  due to financial burden. You can buy insurance for pets online from all kinds of respectable insurance providers.

The major symptoms of diabetes can be very slight in the beginning but might become more noticeable over a period of time. These include:

  • If your pet is drinking lots more water than the usual amount consumed
  • If your dog or cat is wheezing a lot and
  • Even though they have developed a good appetite, they start losing weight.
  • They tend to not be so active and their frequency of walking and jumping gradually decreases
  • They seem to have lower energy than usual
  • They may start vomiting infrequently or frequently
  • Non-desexed female dogs generally have an irregular period

If any of these symptoms are seen, check with your vet to see if your dog or cat is diabetic. If you do find such symptoms and neglect following  them up, it may turn life-threatening.

There are additional insights to use to lower your pet’s risk of developing diabetes. For example, female dogs that have not been neutered are at a higher risk, while overweight cats are more prone to contract the disease. Provide your animal with a well-balanced diet and ensure they have enough exercise.

The best pet insurance will help you ensure your vet can customise the best medical treatments  for your pet. They have a major role in the management of the various treatments, including diabetes, so follow their recommendations and keep in touch with any concerns.

Pets are an important part of our life. They are considered family. When our family is affected by illness or injury, we get affected too. Be sure to create a healthy environment for a dog or a cat when you’re bringing them home, and throughout their lifetime. And if you’re adopting a pet, make sure you get all the necessary medical checks done accordingly so you start off on the right foot together.