Common Tricks Used by Employers to Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim For Less in Virginia

Working conditions can lead to various physical injuries to the workers. Under the law, workers are entitled to get compensation for the injuries caused at work by filing workers’ compensation claims. Your employer or the insurance company is liable to pay you for the medical treatment and the loss of income due to the injuries. 

The process is already complex, but often employers try to influence the workers to settle for less than they deserve. It is advisable to consult a Virginia injured at work lawyer to help you get the claim you deserve without being tricked by your employer. 

Why will an employer trick you?

Employers will try their best to pay you as little as possible for the claim and trick you in various ways to settle you for less. You may believe that the employer’s insurance company is paying you and your employer has nothing to lose. However, the truth is, even if the insurance company is paying, the money still comes from your employer’s pocket as they will have to pay higher premiums for future compensation insurance. Additionally, the insurance company and your employer’s final motive is to reduce the compensation as much as they can. 

How can the employer influence you to settle for less?

As soon as you file for a workers’ compensation claim in Virginia, your insurance company will roll out a quick settlement which is way too less than what you deserve. In addition, your employer will convince you to accept the first payout to resolve things quickly before you get a chance to speak to a lawyer. 

Often victims are quick to accept the payment, thinking that the offer is the maximum they could get from the employer or the insurance company. As much as it may seem convincing to accept the first offer, do not make any statement of accepting it unless you speak to an experienced lawyer. This is because, in the initial stage, you may not be aware of the severity of your injuries and the future medical costs you will need to recover. Unless you speak to an attorney and determine the actual cost of all the medical expenses, decline the quick payment. Your attorney has dealt with similar cases like you before and is experienced in the field; they will help you get the maximum compensation to cover all the expenses of your injuries and the lost income due to your injuries.