Low budget business idea for women entrepreneurs in Dubai

When you hear about the inspiring story of women entrepreneurs’ journeys, you may think about setting up your enterprise in a location that helps you to expand your career in the mind of people, Dubai is an Arab state and it will be going difficult task to start putting the new business at low investment there and business opportunity for women is also limited. But the reality is different. For the growth of women entrepreneurs, the Dubai government is working hard to create a female-friendly work environment for which the government is introducing several schemes and packages that promote women entrepreneurs.


There are many low-budget business ideas for ladies in Dubai. That helps women to start something of their own. Following are the low budget business idea for women entrepreneurs-


Event management- Dubai has various tourist spots that people love to visit. In the trend of destination weddings, people prefer to organize their wedding in Dubai. If you have the capacity and talent to organize the function then you can go with the event management business. It requires low investment. You just need to start taking courses in it, establish contact with other entrepreneurs in the same field. 


Baking business- if you are passionate about baking you should start your baking business. If your family and friends love to eat the cake you bake, you can start the baking business. Apart from baking, you can also create a social media page where you influence people to buy your product .you can also shoot your baking videos and post them on your social media profiles. This type of business can be started with a low budget but is profitable.


Photography– if you are passionate about taking photos you can choose photography as your career in Dubai. In Dubai, you will get beautiful views that will add value to your photos. Learning photo editing is an easy task and also the cheaper one. Hence you can select a photography business.


Social media influencer- one of the business ideas for ladies in dubai social media influencer. Without investing anything you can influence people and can be a social media influencer. You can promote brands or make trendy videos according to your field of interest. Once you raise your followers it will become easy to earn a good sum of money through it.