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Why Should You Upgrade To a High Efficiency Furnace in Nanaimo?

The furnace is among the most essential appliances in any home. However, many homeowners often ignore furnace maintenance for years. Most homeowners do not think about this crucial unit until it suddenly stops working in the middle of an icy winter day. If your old furnace has been breaking down constantly, it might be time to consider buying a high efficiency furnace in Nanaimo. Installing a high efficiency furnace could offer greater comfort levels along with reduced operating costs over the appliance’s lifetime. Keep reading to learn why you should upgrade to a high efficiency furnace.

Improved Temperature Control

To use fuel more efficiently, high efficiency furnaces move lots of air through your house. This added level of air conditioning helps get rid of heat that settles along the ceiling of a room. Added air flow makes sure that every room in your home is evenly heated, which makes the home warmer without having to raise the thermostat setting. These furnaces also have powerful blowers that keep air moving throughout the entire house. However, this might cause slightly higher noise levels than what you are used to with a low efficiency furnace.

Lower Heating Bills

The increasing costs of electricity, oil, and propane have made it more difficult for many homeowners to afford running their old, low efficiency furnaces. If your current furnace model has only a 60% efficiency rating, then 0.40 of each dollar used on heating is wasted. A high efficiency furnace will greatly reduce the amount of wasted fuel. You are likely to see a clear drop in your heating bills in the first few months of operating a high efficiency furnace in Nanaimo. While these furnaces come with a higher upfront cost, you will find that you can quickly recover what you have spent with the money you save every month. If you are looking for cost effective heating, consider installing a high efficiency furnace.


When furnaces burn oil or gas to produce heat, carbon monoxide is produced. This is a poisonous gas and it can lead to serious health issues if it escapes and gets into your home’s HVAC system. A high efficiency furnace is built with strongly sealed combustion chambers to make sure fuel is consumed completely. This also provides better safety than older furnace models that have unsealed combustion chambers. Carbon monoxide has no avenue of escape in high efficiency furnaces.


Even with yearly maintenance, many older furnace models were designed to be used for 10-15 years. Many new, high efficiency furnaces come with a 20-year warranty. Constant repairs of your older furnace can cost hundreds of dollars every year, which is more money you can save by installing a new, high efficiency furnace.

Investing in a new, high efficiency furnace in Nanaimo will keep your home warmer while reducing your monthly heating bills. If you are using an old, low efficiency furnace that keeps on breaking down, you should consider upgrading to a high efficiency model. This investment will keep your family happy throughout the icy winter months.

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