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Tips for Successful Oil Tank Removal in Yukon

Tips for Successful Oil Tank Removal in Yukon

If you notice signs of oil spills on your property or you discover that your water has been polluted, you may need to remove and replace your underground oil tank. Oil tank removal in Yukon is not a trivial task. It requires a fairly substantial budget and commitment of time and effort to successfully complete the project. Here are some important strategies for approaching your oil tank replacement project and some tips that can make the job easier.

Locate the Tank

The first task is to find the exact location of the tank. Knowing exactly where the tank is located will determine many of the other decisions you need to take to complete the project. So how do you find it? You may decide to locate it by yourself if you have the specialized equipment to find it, or you can start digging around your yard for the likely spot where it should be. The best option, however, is to call a service provider that offers tank removal and environmental spill clean up in Yukon.

Use a Backhoe

A backhoe is one of the instruments designed to unearth things placed deep in the soil. So if you can fit a backhoe into the tank location it will make the job much easier. If you can’t get a backhoe into the area where the oil tank was installed, then you need to do some intense digging to get it out. This means doing some hard work with pick axes and shovels.

Get The Right Building Permits

All construction in any urban neighbourhood is regulated by local authorities. So you won’t be allowed to simply start digging up a large hole at the front or back of your home without getting the proper permits. So visit your local community office or the building services department to get details about what you need to do to be permitted to commence work and any regulations governing oil tank removal in Yukon.

Hire a Professional Property Inspector

You will need to contact an inspector to help you check your property and inspect your oil tank before removal. You can also contact a professional who handles environmental spill clean up in Yukon for advice on how to get your property inspected. Many of them provide a wide range of environmental services, including assessment of oil spills and environmental damage.

Plan Ahead for the Entire Project

Before you get started with the digging, you need to ensure that you know how to replace all the topsoil, flowers and grasses that will be removed to unearth the oil tank. Don’t take this for granted because taking time to work out how to replace these items will prevent your yard from taking on an ugly look after you complete your tank replacement. You should also have a budget and a simple timeline for tasks involved in the project.

These simple tips can make your oil tank removal in Yukon easier, smoother and faster. For more details about oil tank replacement, contact a reliable environmental services company that will give you professional advice.


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