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How Property Tax Consultants in Ontario Can Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year!

If you are a property owner, you are required to pay significant amounts of money in property taxes to the relevant authorities. However, if you feel overburdened by the current tax rates and need them to be reviewed, there are seasoned property tax consultants that can help you file an appeal.


If you need help with the evaluation, managing, disputing or appealing of property taxes in Ontario, you will find renowned property tax consultants that are experienced in providing these services. These experts have great track records in delivering successful tax reduction programs that will guarantee you huge tax savings. If you need the best property tax consulting services in Ontario, these tax consulting firms can meet your needs. Their services cover:


  1. Multi-residential Property Tax Services


Owning and operating any multi-family property can actually be quite a challenge. Whether you are in charge of condominiums, townhouses, row houses, garden apartments or multi-story high rise buildings, these tax consultants can help you with maintaining or decreasing your property taxes. Their services entail:


a)Analyzing cap rates of similar properties in the vicinity

b)Correcting MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) data for your property

c)Establishing your assets’ performance

d)Producing comparable sales reports

e)Providing market data analysis

f)Negotiating changes

g)Representing you at Assessment Review Board hearings


  1. Industrial Property Tax Services


Besides being the driving force of different economies, industrial properties are also known to have some of the highest tax rates among different properties. For this reason, whether you own a distillery, brewery, automotive assembly or part production plant, food processing or heavy manufacturing company, you need to understand your tax obligations and how to mitigate your tax liabilities. Tax consultants can handle:


a)Assessment challenges

b)Tax bill audits

c)Tax classification changes

d)Application or appeal deadline tracking

e)Appellant representation

f)Tax liability negotiations


  1. Commercial Property Tax Services


Whether you own, manage or are leasing a commercial property, it is always important to try and keep costs down while supporting the greatest returns. If you are the owner of a retail shopping centre, a restaurant, plaza, office building or any other type of commercial property, professional property tax consultants in Ontario can help you to handle any tax issues you’re having. They will help you to avoid any pitfalls and ensure that you take advantage of the available tax incentives. They can help with:


a)Reviewing tax classifications

b)MPAC data correction

c)Establishing asset performance

d)Reviewing cap rates and leases

e)Legal representation at Ontario’s Assessment Review Board


These consultants can also handle different residential property tax issues. One of the greatest advantages of opting for the services of tax consultants is that many of them have convenient payment plans so you only pay after the success of your appeal. If you need expert property tax consulting, these firms can help.

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