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Mapping, Surveying and Geomatics Services in Fort McMurray

Whether you are in the mining, construction, oil and gas industries or you are simply laying utility lines on your property, you will most definitely require mapping, geomatics or survey services at some point. Luckily, there are companies that are dedicated to providing these kinds of services to different kinds of clients. The experts at these companies usually employ advanced technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as 3D laser scanning technologies, to achieve optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Mapping, Surveying and Geomatics Services in Fort McMurray

If you are a resident of Fort McMurray, you will be able to find companies that pride themselves on offering a range of geomatics, mapping and surveying services for different types of clients. These companies have dedicated teams of professionals who are able to successfully execute mapping and survey projects for different sectors. Whether you want to carry out a boundary survey or a land development survey in Fort McMurray, these professionals have what it takes to help. Their services usually cover:

1. LiDAR and Aerial Photography Maps
LiDAR maps are usually produced by flying over a specific area to generate an accurate Digital Elevation Model of the area. The maps usually provide the real-world data for those projects that require the precise topography of an area. Aerial-mapping with orthography is particularly essential in the oil and gas exploration, construction, mining, land development, government as well as municipal planning sectors. And these companies have in-house photogrammetry departments which enables them to produce accurate and highly detailed aerial maps.

2. Boundary Surveys
If you need a comprehensive boundary survey in Fort McMurray, these companies can meet your needs. Besides serving the private sector, these companies are also known to serve the public and legal land disposition needs of the federal, local as well as provincial governments across Canada. Their services are useful both for establishing as well as re-establishing of boundaries, exploration, updating data and many other geo-information applications.

3. Land Development Surveys
If you would like to carry out a land development survey in Fort McMurray, these companies can also meet your needs. They are experienced in doing surveys for huge commercial projects, condo development projects and even subdivisions. Moreover, these experts are also highly experienced in offering legal surveys that are critical for any land registrations whereby they help in establishing the location of property boundaries, man-made, as well as natural features for government agencies and even private companies.

4. Topographic Surveys
These experts have also honed their skills in carrying out topographic surveys. These kinds of land surveys are particularly useful in identifying as well as mapping surface contours, buried utilities and existing surface features. Typical results of these surveys are printed or digital topographic maps showing benchmarks and contour lines that are meant to relay the elevation as well as surface area data.

These companies also offer engineering surveys, surveys for utility projects, government projects, and surveys for the mining, as well as the oil and gas industries. Whether you are handling a project that requires a boundary survey or land development survey in Fort McMurray, these companies have the expertise, equipment and experience to get the work done.

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