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Home Projects to Get Done When Moving Into a New Home in Fort St John

When it comes to moving to a new home, it can be a really exciting time. But, in all the excitement of preparing and having a huge project like this come to a close, you also can’t forget about the finishing touches that you’ll have to have done either just before you move in or while you are living there, by default. If you are planning on moving into your home and living there full time, it will definitely benefit you to write up that final checklist and start crossing things off.

There is a ton to get done that pops up once the actual house is finished. That can take up so much of people’s mental space that they’re often surprised when the house is done and they still have a few things left to do. They seem so minor until the big project is out of the way, and then suddenly you’re standing looking at your home realizing you need to call road builders in Fort St John to come create a driveway for you.

From buying a new mailbox to calling the paving contractors, here’s a list of some home projects to get done when moving into your new home (or some time before). We know another list isn’t fun, but take this as the definitive confirmation that you are in the home stretch – no pun intended. Read on to find out more!

Home Projects to Get Done When Moving Into a New Home
– Get your road paved.

If you need a road or a driveway for your home, call up some local paving contractors! They will have the equipment and supplies to get the job done. With the help of road builders in Fort St John, you can have a road or a driveway installed for your home and check one of your last big projects off the list.

– Purchase a new mailbox and the numbering.

If you’re planning on getting mail then you’re going to have to get a new mailbox for it to be placed in, too! This part can actually be kind of fun, because you get to shop and pick out your own mailbox. You can get something totally classic or kind of quirky; it’s up to you! Unless your neighbourhood has design restrictions for mailboxes in your area, and then you’ll be limited to those choices.

– Make sure your electricity works and is entirely routed.

Having electricity set up is one of the most important parts of being able to move in. So it’s kind of funny that a lot of homeowners forget to check if the lights work before moving in. Check this and then move in and if not, hire the electrician to come help you out before you try to settle in. You’ll be glad that you did.

– Buy a toilet if you have not yet installed one.

Depending on how you built your home, whether by yourself or with the help of contractors, you may have left your toilet buying to the last minute. This is your chance to evaluate what type of toilet you want and make it happen. Now’s your chance to scope out those fancy toilets and see if they’re worth taking home!

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