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How To Handle Your Forklift’s Repair and Maintenance Like a Pro

Forklifts are just like any other machine or vehicle – they need regular care and maintenance. Since with time, forklifts undergo a significant amount of wear and tear, you will also need to conduct some forklift repair in Drummondville. Contrary to popular belief, regular maintenance and repair of forklifts is not a difficult process. Sure you will have to adhere to some strict rules and schedules, and address performance issues with urgency, but that is just about it. Handling most of the repairs and maintenance is a walk in the park. That said, below are some tips that will help you keep your forklift in tip-top shape and save you the cost of a forklift rental in Toronto. Check The Tires On A Regular Basis.

This is by far one of the most important routines you will have to do. Checking on the tire pressure of your forklift will help you to ensure that the forklift has the most efficient gas economy and can be handled with maximum safety. But, what has underinflated tires got to do with the safe use and driving of a forklift? Well, they have reduced traction, which results in poor handling and is a safety hazard. On the other side of the spectrum, overinflated tires tend to blow out and render the forklift immobile. This would mean you might have to rely on the services of a forklift rental in Toronto for a while to keep the work flowing.

Change Oil Four Times A Year Changing the oil in your forklift is like changing the oil in your car. Changing the oil often means the machine runs more efficiently. If you are looking to prolong your machine’s life, this is one of the easiest, tried and tested ways to do so. It also is the most rewarding. Changing the forklift’s oil after every three months will improve its fuel economy and the overall performance. Check On The Anti-Freeze Levels You should make it a habit to check the antifreeze before you use it. When your forklift is running low on its anti-freeze, it can freeze or overheat easily.

And woe unto you as this will happen at the most inconvenient time – probably when you are in the middle of a demanding project. Protect yourself from the hassle and inconvenience by checking on the antifreeze reservoir and topping it up as required. Also, be sure to inspect the radiator and the reservoir for leaks that might cause the levels to fall. Check on the Brakes A malfunction with the brakes is a disaster waiting to happen.

It is crucial that you address any brake problem urgently. The most common malfunction is the brakes getting softer with time, requiring an operator to press the brake pad harder to engage the braking system. Changing the brake pads can take a few minutes. However, not doing so can end up in grisly accidents. Conclusion When you are faced with a forklift repair in Drummondville, you should take advantage of the warranty. It is shocking to realize that most warranties are rarely, if ever, utilized despite the fact that they are extremely useful. Save yourself some costs and have your forklift repaired courtesy of its warranty. With that, you should be in a position to handle the repairs and maintenance like the pro that you are.

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