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All About Forklift Rentals in Vancouver

Forklifts are interesting machines that don’t really get praised enough. There are many types of forklifts available from various forklift rental companies, and if you need to rent a certain machine for a certain task, it can certainly be done. Not everyone is familiar with forklift rentals, while others take advantage of used forklift rentals all the time.

Read on to find out why using a forklift service in Vancouver to rent one of these things is a good idea, and all about how there is more than one type of forklift out there.

All About Forklift Rentals
When it comes to forklift rentals, you might as well find out what you can about them now if you’ve never used one. Doing your research will help you understand a little bit more about these machines and what you can use them for. But hey, that is why you are reading these words right now! Used forklift services can provide rentals to you, as well. Whether it’s new or used forklift rentals, you can decide which you would like to use. However, keep in mind that used rentals are reliable and a very dependable option.

Here are some popular types of forklifts that are commonly available and rented out.
Types of Forklifts
Electric Forklift

The electric forklift is a type of forklift that is made to be used indoors. These rentals utilize a three wheel chassis that allows them to make turns that their bulkier relatives cannot. There may even be models with four wheels available near you, and they come from many different brands. These machines are quiet and a reliable machine for warehouse work, but they’re not so well-suited for the outdoors.

Cushion Tire

Cushion tire forklifts are usually used indoors, just like the electric models. They are made to run on smooth surfaces and utilize either gas or propane for fuel. They can also be quite capable of holding three to ninety thousand pounds of weight, so they are very strong. This type of forklift gets its name from its rubber tires, known as cushion tires. It has a compact body and is made to maneuver elegantly, good for spaces that are smaller.

Pneumatic Tire Forklift

The pneumatic tire forklift is somewhat of a special machine, as it can work very well indoors, as well as outdoors. This model is designed to work on uneven surfaces and runs on diesel, propane, or gas. It can lift up to 100,000 pounds and goes up to 30 feet high. Its tires use shock absorption to make everything smoother, provide traction, and give ground clearance. These rentals are designed to get the job done.

Rough Terrain

Rough terrain forklifts are great for using outdoors. They were designed to stand up to rough terrain and more rugged environments in general. This is no indoor forklift. They are heavy duty and have a large chassis that helps them to stay stable while they carry loads. You can run them on diesel, gas or propane, they can handle up to 30,000 pounds, and they have two or four wheel drive. Any good forklift service in Vancouver will be able to set you up with a rental, with no problem at all.

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