Easy Steps to Foundation Maintenance in Winnipeg

The first step to building a house is building the foundation. The foundation is the structure that a house is built on, and this is what holds a building and determines how strong or how high up a building can stand. As such, it is very important to ensure a foundation is well built and well maintained at all times.

Foundations require little maintenance, but in some situations, water can pose a great threat. Water can cause the soil beneath the foundation to become wet. This wet soil can lose the strength that holds the buildings foundation and damage the structure itself.

Other than losing strength, water may lead to a leaky or wet basement that can breed mould and make basement areas look unpleasant. All these problems can be prevented if waterproofing is done on the concrete by good foundation specialists.

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

Waterproofing in Winnipeg can help keep out liquid water and prevent it from draining into the concrete foundation to maintain a successful structure. Here are some easy steps to taking care of your foundation:

  1. Inspect the perimeter of your house

Foundation specialists do a good job in inspecting the foundation to look out for any signs of damage. Mould and rust should ring an alarm that something is amiss. The presence of mould may serve as a sign of water in your basement and require waterproofing for your concrete

  1. Clean a Concrete Foundation Regularly

Cleaning a foundation at least twice a year could help clear dirt and grime that may build up on the walls. This will also help you notice any cracks in the wall before you call a foundation specialist for a professional inspection.

  1. Maintain Constant Levels of Moisture

As highlighted above, water and foundations do not go well together. Ensure the soil around your house is not too wet or too dry. Implementing a water control strategy helps prevent any foundation damage.

This strategy is a good way to prevent foundation repair issues. Having less water in your soil than required is just as bad as having too much water in the soil. A soaker hose or a lawn sprinkler is a good option for keeping the soil around the house moist.

  1. Waterproofing the Foundation

Draining water from a concrete basement or ensuring the basement space is dry below grade can either be quite demanding or fairly simple depending on the topography, geographic location, climate or the water table level. Here are the three principles of waterproofing in Winnipeg

  • Waterproofing drains water away from the bottom of the foundation.
  • Wall treatment in waterproofing helps prevent moisture from moving through the wall and helps drain water through the drains
  • Ground surface waterproofing treatment done next to the building helps direct water on the surfaces away.

Wrapping Up

Needless to say, it is important to protect your foundation. This helps avoid unnecessary foundation issues that could be costly and dangerous. By hiring reputable and skilled foundation specialists in Winnipeg, you can help protect your foundation. Remember, repairing a foundation is more costly than regular maintenance.


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