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Dance Activities, Classes, and More That Your Kids Will Love in NW Calgary

Some kids are really interested in dance. Maybe they love to do it based on videos and television where they imitate choreography of their favourite artist’s music video or maybe they just love to turn the music on and freestyle to the tunes and the beat!

Every kid is different, but some children are really interested in dance and love to do it. If your child is interested in specific dance styles like jazz or ballet, or just a freestyle dance machine at heart, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re talking all about the different types of dance activities out there for your child and for the parent and child, too!


Read on to find out more about this subject and maybe get inspired! Whether you’re just dancing around or sending your children to summer dance camps for kids in NW Calgary, there are more options out there to dance than you might think.

Dance Activities, Classes, and More That Your Kids Will Love

Mommy and Me Music and Dance Classes

Perfect for baby and mommy time. You may even meet a few new friends for you and your baby or toddler!

Preschool Dance Classes

If you have a toddler that’s in preschool and they seem like they would really enjoy dance, then consider putting them into preschool dance classes in NW Calgary. The instructors and the classes will be totally attuned to the age level and it will be so cute to see your little jelly bean dancing with other kids their age!

It’s a great way to exercise and get little kids engaged with things like rhythm, moving, motor skills, and building neuronal development. Dancing is totally healthy for the brain and a great activity and outlet for young kids! If they like it, they’ll start looking forward to going to dance class.

It’s also a chance to teach them about planning for events, putting items you need for activities together like dance shoes and getting ready and changing into your dance outfit or clothes, and how to leave to go some place to do things and be out in the world! You can also go over snacks and how they keep your energy up and how eating healthy foods before and after and staying hydrated gives you the energy to have a strong and healthy body.

Children’s Dance Classes

There are many of the same benefits when it comes to children’s dance classes as toddler or preschool dance classes would have. Some may be more general, while others specialize in an area, such as tap, jazz, rhythm, or ballet.

Summer Dance Camps

Summer dance camps may be a great idea if your child has tried dance out and really liked it. This is like a crash course in dance and a camp experience combined into one. Your child may have an experience that they never forget. Sign them up for summer dance camps for kids in NW Calgary if they are interested and let them have a great summer!

Dancing for Fun

You can always dance for fun no matter where you are. Play some tunes in the backyard or you can just put Spotify on your phone and dance around with headphones. Have some parent and kid dancing time in the living room or do a dance-off – the possibilities are endless!



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