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Coiled Tubing Solutions and Other Oilfield Services in Alberta

If you currently work in the oil and gas industry, there’s a lot of specialized equipment as well as services you will need in order to make all of your operations seamless and successful. Fortunately, there are various companies which are renowned for providing powerful equipment and also have teams of highly qualified professionals that are dedicated to providing very creative and effective solutions.

Coiled Tubing Solutions and Other Oilfield Services in Alberta

If you need coiled tubing solutions, N2 or flush by services in Alberta, you will find companies that can meet your needs. There are full-service coiled tubing companies that are capable of integrating their superior equipment with existing coil tubing services in order to provide solutions for your project. They are also known to offer a range of other solutions and services, including pressure testing, abandonments and pipeline cleanouts, among other things. If you are looking for experts in coil tubing drilling in Alberta, these companies can help. For instance, they normally offer:

  1. Coil Tubing Units

Coiled tubing is a quick and effective solution for different well-intervention operations. Unlike the work over rigs where the whole tubing is removed during well repair or intervention, when it comes to coil tubing services, a special type of coiled tubing is normally inserted into the existing tubing during production against the well pressure. These companies have highly efficient coiled tubing units comprising a reel, a control console, an injector, the well-control stack and power supply.

  1. Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen is a colorless and odorless gas that is used for a range of functions in drilling, work over as well as completion phases of gas and oil wells and for the digging, as well as purging of pipelines. Ideal for offshore and onshore situations, the gas may be used for well stimulation, injection, pressure testing, and reservoir pressure maintenance. You can also use it to protect your tubular from down hole corrosion and prevent different flammable gases from igniting. If you need nitrogen for any of these applications, these companies have high-pressure pumps and compressor units that can deliver pure nitrogen gas to your oil or gas wells.

  1. Flush by Services

Oil wells are prone to getting clogged, mainly because of the solids that have been trapped below. Furthermore, rods could break because of various environmental factors. All these things can severely affect the quality of your production, slowing or even halting your project. If you want to effectively and safely repair these things, you need to hire experts that can employ efficient methods that will keep your production moving forward. To help you out, these companies are able to offer you topnotch flush by services that are aimed at properly repairing rods and flushing away all the debris that may be embedded within your wells.

You can also count on these experts to provide you with great well abandonment services, acidizing services, well cleanouts and completions, drill outs, foaming, HSP deployment and retrieval, instrumentation and logging. They can also offer multistage perforating services, PCP deployment and retrieval, pipeline cleanouts, pressure testing, plug setting or retrieval, side entry and sleeve shifting, among other things. Whether you need coil tubing drilling in Alberta or any other coil tubing services, these companies have what it takes to meet your needs.

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