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Choosing the Right Concrete Coring Contractor

Most concrete projects require concrete cutting as well as drilling for different purposes. Therefore, it is important for construction contractors to understand concrete coring and how it can be beneficial to their projects. For instance, some residential and commercial projects require utilities to be installed, relocated or completely removed from concrete floors, wall and other structures. It is at this point that you require the services of concrete coring contractors. Professional concrete cutting contractors can provide a viable solution when it comes to installation, relocation and removal of utilities. Whether you are dealing with concrete walls, slabs or ceilings, these experts have the right equipment for the job. Concrete cutting contractors use saws to cut through the concrete to the desired diameter and depth.

Some of the common services provided by professional concrete cutting contractors include track sawing, floor sawing, deep sawing, wire sawing, diamond drilling, fire stop caulking, and hydraulic bursting, among other things. Considering that concrete is a very difficult material to break, the drilling and cutting will require the use of specific tools, knowledge and skills. Professional concrete contractors have all it takes to drill and cut through the concrete to make your demolition project successful. Here are some tips to help you choose the right concrete contractor.

License and Office

Ensure that the contractor you are about to hire for concrete coring has a valid and genuine license. This shows that they are legally in business and have met the basic requirements set in this industry. It is also important that the contractor you choose has a physical office that you can visit if need be. Having a website is not enough since anyone can have a decorated website. When you visit the contractor’s office, you get an idea of the quality of service to expect.


Make sure your concrete cutting contractor is fully insured. Both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance are important policies that a concrete cutting contractor should have. Insurance shows that a contractor runs a legitimate and trustworthy business. Remember, concrete cutting as well as demolition are challenging jobs, which involve the use of heavy equipment. If anything goes wrong, you certainly do not want to be held accountable. Therefore, conduct some research and choose a fully insured contractor to enjoy peace of mind throughout the demolition project. Do not hire any contractor who is not adequately insured.


The more experienced a concrete cutting contractor is, the more knowledgeable and reliable they are. Find out how long a contractor you are about to hire for fire stop caulking has been in this business and the kind of technology they use. Concrete cutting contractors who have been operational for several years should be preferred. This is a competitive business and no company would last more than a few years if their services were less than perfect.


While price should not be your sole basis for choosing a particular concrete coring contractor, it is an important consideration. Ask for quotes from several contractors and choose one with the best balance of quality services and cost.


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