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The Benefits of Truck Detailing in Edmonton

Now, the thing about auto detailing is that it goes way beyond just waxing and washing the truck. Truck detailing in Edmonton focuses on restoring the truck to its original interior and exterior conditions. While you can try to detail your truck on your own, it is best for you to hire a professional detailer since they are equipped with tools and technical detailing knowledge which come in handy.

How much does it cost to detail a truck?

Hiring a truck detailing company or professional will have you protect your truck from damage as well as protect its value and appearance. One misconception about truck detailing in Edmonton (which includes washing, waxing, exterior detailing and vacuuming, interior detailing and deep cleaning), is that it is exorbitantly expensive.

But whether it is expensive or not, the value detailing adds to your truck makes it a worthy investment. Yes, professional truck detailing will add resale value to your truck by improving its overall appearance.

Comprehensive truck detailing, which at times includes diesel truck repair, could cost you hundreds of dollars. However, without the diesel truck repair bit (which normally includes colour correction, chip, and dent repair), the cost could be significantly lower.

Benefits of having professional truck detailing

In this millennial age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say no to DIY projects. I mean there are guides and videos on how to do just about anything you please. But even then, while you may have the knowledge of how things should be done, it takes time before your body can catch up and implement what the brain already knows how to do perfectly. What this means is that you may know how to handle the tools (in theory), but practically, you could have shaky hands and end up doing a shoddy job.

Here is why you should hire a professional

Improved resale value

A well-maintained truck will always attract a higher value. The same holds true if its appearance is top notch. An exterior that is waxed and cleaned regularly will show less evidence of wear and tear and the paint will be clear and last longer. Truck detailing will keep your truck looking new for longer.


Not only will you save yourself some cash as well as the hassle of waxing, washing and vacuuming the truck, it will also provide you with convenience. Most truck detailing shops will conduct minor diesel truck repairs and provide pick up and drop off services for free. There are some that even provide mobile detailing services!

Few Penalties

When you are driving a leased truck you have to be extra careful. Why? Well, any damage sustained will be charged to you. You will also be penalized for not properly maintaining the truck – this includes the upholstery and the paint job. Having these aspects of the truck detailed regularly will save you time and cash on the lease return penalties.

Lease penalties can be hefty at times and the fact that they are required in lump sum makes them troublesome and a pain to pay off.

Last but not least, working with professional truck detailers provides you with peace of mind. You do not have to worry about accidents. And even when they do happen, you know the insurance will cater to the damages sustained.

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