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6 Things to Pair with a New Fireplace in Manitoba

Have you been dreaming of a new electric or gas fireplace in Manitoba? When it comes to cozy winter chilling, a fireplace helps out with the ambiance and the feeling of needing to survive the chilly weather!


There are many styles and types of fireplaces out there and there is a lot you can do when it comes to getting a new electric fireplace in Manitoba ready to go. You can pair a fireplace with so many wonderful and comfy things that it’s no wonder that people get one installed in their homes constantly and keep the fireplace industry in business!


Wondering what you would want to pair with a new fireplace? Well, you don’t have to wonder – read on to find out more!


6 Things to Pair with a New Fireplace


  1. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows


There is nothing better than a creamy cup of hot chocolate in a mug with marshmallows on top. Honestly, hot chocolate is an endless source of joy! Whether you prefer to make it with water or hot milk, with a packet of pre-made cocoa powder mix or with your own special cocoa blend, with large or mini marshmallows, there is no wrong way to make hot cocoa!


It’s particularly nice when paired with a fireplace. Hanging by the fireplace in the morning? Add some coffee to it for a caffeinated delight!


  1. A Sofa, Blanket, and Good Book

There’s nothing better than hanging out on the sofa with a blanket and a nice book. In any scenario, a blanket plus a fireplace equals winning in winter! Grab your favourite novel or something new from the library or bookstore and snuggle up to read a few chapters.


  1. Cheese and Wine with Friends


Hang out with friends by the electric fireplace in Manitoba and enjoy the blaze of the fire! It’s amazing what some good wine, a fire, and some cheese and crackers and fruit can do to lift wintertime spirits. It’s the perfect mix of hardy food with antioxidants that your body desperately needs to get through the winter!


  1. A Good Movie


There is nothing better than having a gas fireplace in Manitoba and turning it on and watching a great movie. Whether you’re alone and really zoning in or with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, etc, there is nothing better than a good film and a good fire!


  1. A Hot Cup of Tea


Sometimes there’s nothing better than pairing a good cup of tea with some honey next to a nice warming fire. The two of them together combine so well, you might just find yourself dozing off for a nice nap – so set an alarm on your phone if you need to be up for anything!


  1. Music and Relaxation

Some nice relaxation, along with some calming music can be really nice during the winter! Pair your favourite album or some nice classical music and put it on for a relaxing combination that goes together like soy sauce and sushi or peanut butter and jelly.

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