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5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Dog is Happy When You Go On Vacation in Aldergrove

When it comes to your pet, you want to make sure that they are happy. Our pets live in our homes and share our daily lives, and sometimes we love them more than words can express! That’s why going away for a vacation or holiday can be so tough. It’s never easy being away from our furry friends, but here are five ways you can make sure that your dog is happy when you go away for a few days or any amount of time.

Read on to find out five ways that you can make your dog happy the next time you go on vacation! This way, you can make sure that they are well taken care of and don’t really miss you all that much. After all, your pup deserves it.

5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Dog is Happy When You Go On Vacation

1. Find a reliable boarding place to take them.

Most people have their pets stay at a boarding home overnight or for a few days if they’re going on vacation. You can easily find pet boarding in Aldergrove, where trained professionals who know how to work with dogs help your dog have a nice place to stay where all their needs are taken care of.

Pet boarding in Aldergrove is easy to schedule and you will be back to pick up your puppy before you know it. Most places will let you leave their favourite toy with them or even talk to you and hear your voice over the phone! The amenities depend on the location, but in any case, these places are always a very good place to have your doggy stay while you’re away.

2. Have them stay at a familiar home.

Some dogs do so well with boarding, but others really like to be sleeping and staying in a familiar home. If you have a dog that is high strung, really needs to be with someone that they already know, or they do not like strangers at all, it may be best to have them stay at the home of someone that they are familiar with. The sounds, the person, and the comfortable environment will be like the next best thing to a dog who is really sensitive about their environment or very attached to their owner.

  1. Get them some pet grooming before you go away.

    One way to make your little prince or princess happy is to get them some grooming before you leave! A nice little brush and wash is just the thing to make your dog feel pampered and be fresh and happy when you come back. Pet grooming is easy and fun and they’ll be peppier than ever.

    4. Leave the treats!

    Okay, mom and dad, you’re going to have to leave their favourite treats if you want them to be happy while you’re gone. Hey, you’re gone – it’s not fair to deprive them of their favourite treats, too!

    5. Spend some extra time with them before you leave.

    Spend some extra bonding time with your dog or dogs before you leave! They will love all the extra quality time with you and be all charged up and ready to get some more affection when you return. Give them an extra few walks and petting sessions and they will be super happy you did.

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